Maui Property Sales

The rentals in Mana Kai 601 are handled by me, Erik Simon, and my friend Rick Lindgren. If you think you may want to purchase a rental condo or a home in Maui, my dad (Dick Simon) and my brother (Jeff Simon) would be happy to help you out.

Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and will take good care of you. They know the market very well, but the thing that I like to point out is that they are just good and honest guys. They’ll treat you the way you would want to be treated.  They’ll tell you what they honestly believe based on their experience.

They don’t just try to make a sale at someone else’s expense. They don’t have that gene. They’ll tell you what they believe is right. They are well known for their honesty and integrity as well as for their extensive knowledge. I highly recommend them and not just because Jeff’s my brother and Dick is my dad.

Jeff Simon

Jeff is the Maui Broker for Hawaii Life Realty.

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Dick Simon

Dick was the Principle Broker for Simon Properties but turned the leadership over to Jeff.  Dick is still very active in Maui Real Estate Sales.

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